What is Main Street Clinic?

Main Street Clinic is part of Main Square Winona, the new development in the heart of downtown Winona on the corner of 4th and Main.

Main Street Clinic Quick Care:

  • Care for common illnesses
  • Prevention and wellness care
  • Commonly needed over-the-counter healthcare supplies

Walk right in and sign in at the desk.

Prices are posted and payment is made at the time of your visit. A healthcare provider will meet with you and perform an exam, which may include a lab test.

Your clinician will provide a diagnosis and treatment plan and order any prescriptions if necessary.

You will receive a visit summary, which will also be added to your electronic health record.

Depending on your condition, and if the healthcare provider believes it would be best for you, you may be referred to another care setting.

Main Street Clinic Eye Care:

  • Routine eye exams
  • Unique selection of frames
  • Treatment for eye infections
  • Foreign body removal
  • Glasses fitting, adjustment and repair

Main Street Clinic Eye Care is an extension of the Winona Health Eye Care Center. Insurance will be filed for eye care services as applicable.

Welcome to Main Street Clinic!

(Click the image below for a welcome virtual tour.)

Cloth masks are required and everyone will be screened upon entry.

No COVID-19 related testing will be done at the Main Street Clinic.

Walk-in convenience. Affordable care.