Main Street Clinic is a new option for healthcare services in the heart of downtown Winona. Services include Quick Care and Eye care.

Quick Care: Healthcare providers at Main Street Clinic Quick Care treat basic illnesses and conditions in addition to providing prevention and wellness care. For example, customers can receive care and services for a sore throat, pink eye, influenza, urinary tract infections, allergies, birth control renewal or ear pain, in addition to basic health screenings and preventive services. Prices are posted and payment is made at the time of service.

Eye Care: Main Street Clinic Eye Care is a branch of the Winona Health Eye Care Center. Services are billed to your insurance just as they would be at the Eye Care Center on the Winona Health main campus.

Main Street Clinic Quick Care offers a different model of care. Like a retail environment, prices are posted and customers pay at the time of service. Prices are typically lower than in a traditional healthcare setting and insurance is not billed. This environment works well for those who have high deductible plans or who choose not to use their traditional insurance benefits. You can choose to submit your visit receipt to your insurer afterwards or pay with an FSA or HAS card.

Main Street Clinic Quick Care can be used for wellness checks and for treatment of quick ills that don’t require any radiology services but that may require limited lab services (such as a strep test, pregnancy tests, urinalysis). Main Street Clinic Quick Care can also be used for minor or routine injuries and skin irritations.

Urgent Care, on the Winona Health main campus, provides care using a traditional healthcare payment model where services are billed and/or submitted to your insurance provider. Urgent Care is typically used only when you’re injured or not feeling well. Urgent Care is also more appropriate when x-rays or other diagnostic imaging services may be required.

Yes. We will give you a receipt that you can submit to your insurance so it can be applied toward your deductible.
Yes! Everyone is welcome no matter where you normally receive healthcare services. We’d love to see you.
No appointment is necessary—just walk in! If you would prefer not to wait and to schedule an appointment, you can reserve a time online up to 48 hours in advance via